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At the start of your journey, teaching yin yoga can feel overwhelming

Even with a 200hr teacher training under your belt and experience teaching other classes: when you try to teach yin classes, your confidence falls away.

You can guide yogis into yin asanas, but then you feel lost. You're not sure of the purpose of each pose or how they help your students. Worse still, when you've guided your yogis into your chosen pose, what do you do?

Do you talk? And if so, what do you say?

Or do you stay silent? And if so, why does the silence feel awkward?

And what do you do if your yogis start fidgeting? How do you help them re-settle?

Remaining stuck and not knowing how to improve can affect your confidence and your income. But what if you had the knowledge and guidance you need to teach yin yoga from a place of ease?


Helping you connect back to your heart, so you can teach from a place of aroha

Our 50 hour yin yoga teacher training is specifically designed to help you confidently teach yin classes. Whilst we spend time diving deep into yin asanas, our real 'mahi' is connecting you back to your heart.You see, we believe, when you're supported by experienced guides, surrounded by a community of like-minded yogis and given time and space to gently explore your own yin practice - magical things happen...

As you find more stillness in your yin practice, your body, your mind and your heart all begin to feel safe, supported and at ease. When your own heart is at peace, you build the confidence to guide students to open to the wisdom of their hearts too.Over (a total of) six training days, we guide you into deeper states of mindfulness. We do this through a unique training approach we've developed over 10 years of teaching fledgling yin teachers.

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Our unique, two-weekend training:

WEEKEND ONE (FRI, SAT & SUN)• Get familiar with the 32 essential yin asanas• Learn how to intelligently and thoughtfully sequence a Yin class• Start discovering words that support students in your Yin classes and know when to say them and when to leave space• Discover the foundations of Mindfulness and complete mindfulness practices everyday• Begin your discovery of the energetic body• Learn the pathways of the Lung, Large Intestine, Heart, Small Intestine, Liver and Gallbladder meridians. Discover how poses move energy along the meridians

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MID-WAY CHECK-IN• Take part in a 75 min video call with your guides and fellow yogis to reflect on how you're tracking• Ask questions and explore topics that come up after your first training weekend• Connect back into the yin yoga community that surrounds you

WEEKEND TWO (FRI, SAT & SUN)• Learn how to how to theme and sequence seasonally a Yin class• Learn how to set up and create an energetically safe space• Continue daily mindfulness practices, then dive deeper by understanding the Eastern view of the mind• Learn to host emotions in nourishing ways• Learn the pathways of the Stomach, Spleen, Kidney and Bladder meridians. Discover how organs, energy centres and the annual seasons affect the meridians

When you train with us, we want you to lose as little of your daily income as possible. So we run our training over two long weekends.

We also want to make sure you have time to practice teaching yin out in the real world.Because it's only when you embody what you've learned, that all the juicy questions and reflections bubble up. And we want to be there for you when they do!So, between our two training weekends, we meet online to check-in on how you're tracking. We share ideas, hold space for and support you. If anything tricky comes up.


Training dates: 24th - 26th May & 21st - 23rd June 2024 | Prices start from $790

Training dates: 17th - 19th May & 7th - 9th June 2024 | Prices start from $790


E-RYT 500

Our training is led by Fiona who has spent years perfecting her craft. She has been teaching yoga for 14 years and training yoga teachers for just over a decade.Her unique and comprehensive training experience both in NZ and overseas with Sarah Powers, Bernie Clark, Jo Phee, Tara Judelle, Dr Scott Lyons, Noah Maze, Janet Stone and completion of over 1000 hours of yoga teacher training, has helped her transform the lives of many.


Sal is a highly qualified Chinese medicine practitioner with a deep love of yoga.She learned about body energetics during her four years of study at Chinese medical school. She then truly understood those energetics, by working with people for over a decade in her Wellington practice.Sal is also a visual communicator - creating designs that visually show how our prana - or qi - moves and flows through our bodies.

Kind words

Niamh Ryan
“I now get excited about teaching Yin. Because I understand why I sequence my classes in particular ways. So now, I can be adaptable with sequencing or changing my class plans.Fiona and Sal's training helped me feel confident about my decision making.’’

“Fiona is such a beautiful soul, an inspiring teacher and a true leader in the benefits of all things yoga! She is there with you every step of the way in both practical and theory sessions and is available to answer any questions no matter what they are.Her mindfulness sessions are a super way to start each morning and really set you up for the day ahead as well as extending into our everyday lives after the course has ended.’’

Mia Malazo
“ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! This training made me learn about myself and gave me confidence to support and hold space for my students.I would definitely recommend this to anyone who are curious to learn how to apply Mindfulness and Traditional Chinese Medicine principles in Yin Practice. Thank you Fiona and Sal!’’


Yes, our training is accredited as 50 hours of Yoga Alliance Continuing Education - if you already have a 200hr YTT

No, you don't have to. 

Of course, we encourage you to complete both weekends because that way, you'll get the most from our training.

If you decide to study this way, you'll pay for each weekend separately, so pricing is slightly different.

Yes we do! Please see our pricing options and plans below

No, you definitely don't have to be.

Over the years, we've had lots of yogis join us, who simply wanted to journey deeper into their yin practice.

Just let us know when you fill out your application form. (FYI - there's a box at the end of the form, where you can tell us). Then, we can tailor our teachings to your needs.

Couldn't find the answer you need? Simply get in touch we're super happy to answer any question you have.

Payment options & plans

50hr yin yoga training
$1380Save by paying in full

50hr yin yoga training
12 payments of $138Smaller weekly payments

25hr x 2 yin yoga training
$790 per weekendStudy one weekend at a time

Still struggling to pay?We offer one scholarship per training. This is a heavily discounted spot and in return, you assist us with tasks during our six days together. Get in touch to apply


Training dates: 17th - 19th May & 7th - 9th June 2024
Kula Muruwai is a purpose-built studio space in Muriwai Beach at 505 Oaia Rd, Auckland. Kula Muruwai brings together the community for Wellness events and offers boutique accommodation.Prices start from $790

Training dates: 24th - 26th May & 21st - 23rd June 2024
Flow Wellbeing is set in the heart of Christchurch city at 229 Fitzgerald Avenue. It's a new wellbeing hub created for the Christchurch community. Our training takes place in a private setting, supported by the Flow yoga staff and community.Prices start from $790

You'll also receive

BOMUS 32 essential yin poses guide

Our beautifully designed 32 essential Yin poses guide

Fill out an application form and you'll receive our 32 essential yin poses guide. It covers all the asanas we explore in our training and is yours to keep, whether you decide to train with us or not :)


If you’re ready to confidently teach yin yoga, our training gives you the time, expert guidance and community you need. Because when you feel confident:

You teach from a place of ease.

You create a place of ease.

So the yogis you serve, can reconnect to their place of ease.

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Apply for 50hr Yin yoga teacher training

It takes 10-15 mins to fill out our application form. If you need any help, then do reach out, we're happy to help

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